You never know until you get Feedback

For nearly a year now I have been putting my thoughts, my ideas, my observations down in this blog. Some of my offerings have been to help readers to understand aspects of items from my courses (click to see Mind Map), other offerings have been how I have seen the world from my eyes (index).

I have had one or two comments of how the blog is received, but I never really knew, is it good, is it bad.

How can you know? I have a counter that tells me how many “hits” per page I get, but is it accurate? I subscribed to another counter which gave details of where people lived, how long they stayed, what operating system they were using, what they had for breakfast. But that hit counter gave me a completely different count.

I gave up the idea of relying on these forms of reports, they are an indication only, a pointer to the real thing. If I took the first counter I was unhappy, but take the second counter, I was “over the moon”, extremely happy.

I just did what I enjoyed, I wrote, attached some photographs to describe my world, Phillip Holt’s World, knowing that some people would be unhappy with what I wrote, whilst others would be more than happy.

I was not out to, I do not set out to make people upset, what ever they read they will go on their transderivational search, put their cat on the mat, their understanding onto what I am saying.

If I say “car“, what do you see in your minds eye? Probably your car and where it is parked right now. But there are hundreds of makes and models of cars, and certainly different parking lots as I have readers from so many different countries. So we all get different messages. Read my blog on George Miller, 7 /- 2.

Yesterday was a down day for me. It was extra hot here in Bukit Mertajam, Malaysia, and it was raining one minute, sunny the next, thunderstorms, the humidity was high along with the temperature, my emails are not working, a modem  had installed was not working, my plans for the day were thrown out due to the arrival of relatives, I had an accident in the hire car. Big oh poo poo day.

I put together a blog on my travel across to the Island of Penang, (Crossing over to Penang Island), just a 15 minute drive away. I was not happy with the result, but it was what I wanted.

This morning I received a comment (click to read) from one of my ex translators, Deniz, who is living and working in Paris.

Her comments made me happy, made me realise that people appreciate what I write.

How often do you give feedback to people? (insert the word positive please).

So to Asu, thank you for the wedding photographsof Murat you sent last night , and your little black dress, you look glamorous.

To Sahika, Mehpare, and Leila, sorry for not getting back to you re dates of courses.

To Rory, yes we will hold the next Stage Hypnosis course in the Royal National Hotel London, this March.

To all I have not mentioned, thank you for you support and feedback. I appreciate it.                                index

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