Beauty is everywhere

I showed some of the “creepy strange monsters(click to read) in my home and garden in Bukit Mertajam, Malaysia. The pictures were taken in just one day with difficulty, as the creatures would run off or fly away before I had chance to take-hold of my camera.






If you can name the plants let me know   



The Chinese call this the prosperity flower

The flowers in the garden bring colour and happiness. They also attract the monsters who seek the sweetness of the nectar, the food from the leaves, to lay their eggs, to take shelter from the harsh environment of heat and high humidity and shelter from the monster human beings and other predators.

If we dwell on just looking for the monsters in our life, that is all we will find.

Working with clients on a one-to-one basis (click to visit web site), for fears, phobias and other related problems, I find that they dwell on the problems they think they have, they make mountains out of mole hills (click to read explanation of phrase).

How many times have I sat and listened to someone go on and on about their ailments, how ill they are, how depressed they are, how things are always going wrong for them, not only in 1-2-1 sessions, but mostly when talking on a social level as friends or family.

Maybe it is someone in a relationship, and all they see is the bad things in their partners, that they are never at home, that they “look” at other people, talk to other people rather than to them, they do favours for others and never for them.

Look beyond the monsters, look for the good things, as they are there, and they are more permanent, more colourful, pleasing, relaxing, and brings joy to those who spend a just little time viewing them, being with them.

It has been proven that those people who think positive thoughts are more positive, healthier, optimistic, happier.

Dwell on the beauty and the positive about you.

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