A Happy New Year

To all my friends around the world, may I wish you a Happy New Year.

It is a time to reflect on all we have or have not achieved in the previous year.

It is a time to make promises and wishes to ourselves about those things we want to do in the new year.

Make the New Year resolutions, positive, beneficial to yourself and others, become motivated to do these things, and most of all, see yourself doing these things as if you are there standing in your own shoes at the time to come now.

Live your dreams now. Daydream.

When looking back, we often use the words “what if” and “if only”.

            “What if  had said this or that?”

            “What if I had done that?”
            “What if this had happened?”

            “If only I had said this.”

            “If only I had done that”

            “If only I could do…….”.

What has ever happened in the past has happened, it is history, let it go, but learn from it. Many people continually do the same thing, time after time, if it does not work, change what you are doing.

            “If only I had changed my job or my supplier, I would be so much better and happier off now.”

It did not happen. Get on now and make the changes.

            “If only I had not said what I said”.

It was said. If it hurt someones feelings, or was against their belief or culture, and you did not know at the time, then is it your fault, or the other person who could have been a little more tolerant towards you. Learn from your mistakes and say and do it differently next time.

            “If only I had not done that”.

As long as you did what you did with good intention at the time, then rejoice. It happened, get over it. Perhaps, you like me, walked into a lamp post, or fell into a hole injuring yourself, and you say :-

            “If only I had seen the lamp post”.

You did not see the danger. Next time you will be more aware of things that can go wrong. Learn from it, else you will get hurt again.

When we say “if”, we tend to try and place the blame on other actions, other people, other times, to take the responsibility from ourselves.

Stop it.

There is only one person in charge, and that person is you.

Live your live as you want it to be, not as if it could be, make it real.

Again, HAPPY NEW YEAR, and thank you all who I have had contact with in the past for being there, and I hope to meet with you in a new POSITIVE New year.

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