A fog bound Gaziantep, Turkey

I have two hours to wait in a fog bound airport in Gaziantep in the South of Turkey, or that is what they say. All announcements are made in Turkish and I have no idea what they are saying. That is the problem of not speaking any languages other than English.

It has been an enjoyable time here working with many people here in this beautiful city, I have learned much more about the Turkish culture and eating habits, which I will add in later blogs perhaps.

It has been a hard six day training time, working long hours often 12 hours a day, with 3 courses, but the participants have made it worth while. Some have been a challenge to help go through a new learning process, new ideas, and a style which is unique to me in delivery of training.

Last night we finished a business coaching course organised by Gap Consultancy for Superfilm, part of the Sanko Holding group of companies. Working with so many , personalities, beliefs and behaviours kept me on my toes, but with the help of Mehpare who translated for me, I am sure we achieved a great outcome.

Thank you Superfilm and Sanko for allowing me to be with you, I look forward being back in January 2008 for more courses.  


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