Removing Phobias and Fears, Confidence Building

Much of my life at the moment is delivering courses, NLP, Coaching, Hypnosis, Stage Hypnosis, Memory, Mind Maps and PhotoReading, to the general public and companies, but I also work with individuals with their issues.

These issues could be phobias (click to see your phobia), fears, lack of confidence, presentation skills, self-esteem, smoking, drugs, eating disorders, whatever, I will and have worked with them. 

I only see the client once, but that session can be as long as it takes to have the successful outcome the client wants. You can click here to read about some of the recommendations and work I have done.

My other offer to my clients is that I will go/travel to them, their home, their hotel, their office. This has taken me to some far places for the day, Rome, Northern Ireland, airport departure lounges, police stations. It is all in a days work, and I love it.

Yesterday I visited Rochester, a town east of London. This journey took me from my home town of Kingston upon Thames, into the train station Waterloo in Central London, change to another train line, and then out the other side of London to Rochester.

I prefer the train in some ways as it is cheaper, and I can sit and read the newspaper, watch the countryside slip passed, work, or just relax in my own thoughts.

There are only two things it is believed that the human is naturally frightened or phobic about, and these are falling and load noises, everything else is learned.
What can be learned can be unlearned.

It is so satisfying to work with people, put them at ease with me, and to work with them without them really realising I am working with them.

The quickest I have removed phobias or fears is probably seconds.

Traveling out of Heathrow to Italy, a lady and her friend sitting and waiting in the departure lounge were talking. She caught sight of the aircraft, and went into a flaming phobic fit.

I walked up to her and said “do you want to get rid of it?” 

She nodded, and I did my thing, and it had gone. Her friend turned to her and asked if she was OK, as they continued their conversation.

I watched them all the way to Milan, chatting away as the rest of the passengers were, yet she never thanked me.

Often I never hear again from my clients, after all, why should I hear from them.

Often they say that they could not have had a phobia in the first place.

Others say it is bazare that the old feelings and thoughts are gone.

I love my job.

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