Car Boot Sale

On a very cold Sunday morning in November here in Kingston upon Thames, there is a car boot sale.

A car boot sale in the UK is a very popular pastime. People with loads of unwanted items, clothes, books, ornaments, trash, you name it, fill up their car with this stuff and gather with other people with unwanted goods, and sell them at very cheap prices.

These meetings or sales are organised and marketed, and they attract many sellers and people searching for bargains.

I love to walk around these car boots, not to buy, just to look, as they have a great atmosphere, and may be there will be something I may spot, an electronic gadget, a book, a tool.

Books that cost £15 in the shops will be sold for 50 pence, and I love books, but they have to be what I want, a subject that interests me, and be of use. Thank goodness for PhotoReading, even at 50 pence, it is not worth buying something that will not be useful to me, plus I am running out of space on my bookshelves.

I race round the boot sale, using Phillip’s Sausage (click to understand), then go back around to pick those items that will interest me, you see PhotoReading is not only good for reading books.

Many people seeking bargains at car boot sales

Bargains at car boot sales

But now I am glad to get back indoors. I am so cold. A nice cup of tea is now required, English Breakfast tea with milk. That’s better.

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