Sleep Eludes Me

Tonight I cannot find sleep. I have lain awake now for nearly five hours, trying every trick in the book, in my armoury, my portfolio. I have tried everything I suggest to others who ask for help sleeping, except one.

Why is it that sleep eludes us?

Yes I have much on my mind.

Will the people who owe me money pay me for my work, so that I can pay my bills?

Will my next training courses be a success? Will I fulfill the expectations and outcomes? Have I been forewarned of the expectations fully?

Will the promised courses ever take place, as I rely on promoters in certain countries to organise and sell my courses? I have had cases when only one participant has been booked for a course, and I was not informed, or none were booked.

Should I change my strategy in marketing myself throughout the world?

Are my web sites working after I changed Internet Service Providers (ISP) in the last few days?

Am I getting all my emails due to my changing the ISP?

Many, many personal problems, health problems keep rolling through my mind.

STOP IT. But I can not.

As a last resort I try counting sheep as they jump over a fence, surely that will work?

But no, I still cannot sleep.

I need to empty my mind. I need to change my state.

It is no good just laying in bed feeling sorry for myself, do something constructive.

So write this blog. Perhaps it may help some other poor person awake at this time.

As I sit here in the middle of the night, 3:30am, the person or persons upstairs are up with their television on, walking around the room making the floor boards creak.

Someone coughs loudly, and I hear the deep rumble of another person snoring.

The street cleaning cart with its’ orange flashing light trundles along outside, cleaning up the previous days rubbish.

Cars race by, taking their occupants home or to work.

There are many people up at this time, going about their business. It is OK to be awake. Long has the time gone when the BBC (listen to the music “Lilliburlero” of BBC World Service in the blog) would switch off all of their broadcasts at twelve midnight and not resume again until 6am in the morning, because people should be asleep.

Yes I feel relaxed now. So good night world.

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