Another Day, Another Journey

After writing yesterdays blog in the early hours, I was able to sleep. Now I have to re-arrange my sleep pattern, especially as I travel to Izmir in Turkey to give a two day training to staff of Bosch

Izmir is the said to be the third largest city of Turkey, and is located on the Aegean coast in Asia Minor, west Turkey, with going back to 3000 B.C. 

I doubt if I will see any of the history or culture of Izmir, from the Trojan influence some 5,000 year ago, through the Hittites involvement, to present days history of Ataturk (click to read my blog on Ataturk) driving the Greeks out on 9th September 1922, to Izmir’s rebirth as a port and favourite holiday destination, as I will arrive late this evening, start the course tomorrow, Thursday, all day, continue all day Friday and catch the 21:45 flight back to Istanbul Friday evening.

Then I have a number of decisions to make. What do I do next? I will put those to one side, as I do not want to loose anymore sleep. They can wait, as I have often done, “it will all come out in the wash”.

“It will all come out in the wash”, is an English saying which means, if we leave things to run, run their course, or go in their natural way, resolution will be found, we will get the answer or result.

I know good things are ahead and await us all.

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