Oh how I love computers

As people who have worked with me know, for 35 years I worked in the computer industry, an expert, working at the forefront of technology as I was employed by computer manufacturers like NCR, Sperry Univac and Texas Instruments.

I was working on speech recognition, artificial intelligence (AI), back in the early 1980’s. I worked with Texas Instruments with one of the first PC’s in 1982, and using data communication again back in the 1980’s.

I know about computers and their workings, but usually I keep my mouth shut. 

In the mid 1990’s I walked away from computers, to start a new life in my career, but still playing with computing and technology.

The internet is perhaps one of the major advancements in computing, it has changed the face of the earth, how we communicate, work, live our lives. When it works it is fine.

I have a number of web sites, where people can book on courses like to learn Stage Hypnosis this September 2007, PhotoReading, or to book sessions to cure phobias, fears or gain confidence. They can contact me via emails via any of these web sites or addresses.

All works well, when it works.

The internet works by people providing services. You need an ISP, (Internet Service Provider) to give you access to the internet from your home, office or hotel via the telephone system, cable or satellite at various speeds. You need people like Skype or MSN to offer VoIP (Voice over the Internet Protocol) for free or cheap telephone calls. You need people, usually the ISP’s, to capture your emails, so when you are ready you can retrieve them and download them onto your own computer. You need people to house your web sites, so that when people from anywhere in the world need information from you, at any time of the day, they access the servers (storage computers) of this service. You need people to know where your web sites or domains (the address of the web site e.g. http://www.nlpnow.net), reside or located, where the server is.

All works well, when it works. When it doe not, Oh Poo Poo.

Some years ago, my ISP, BT (British Telecom), changed its’ service, which made it impossible for me to do what I wanted, so I changed ISP. I found an internet company Business Serve based in Lancaster in the UK, who could provide all my needs, house my web sites, capture and forward my emails, and look after my domain names. They were good, with very few problems.

In 2003 they took over Legend Communications plc a smaller based ISP in Bradford, and in 2006 became a subsidiary of THUS plc. This year, they became Demon.

Are they getting too big? Are they only interested in money? May be.

This is the second day I have had no access to my web sites, (http://www.c4more.com) nor any emails. I feel naked. I need to arrange my trip to Turkey tomorrow, people have telephoned me asking why I have not answered their emails. I need to talk to someone at Business Serve, Legend Communications, THUS or Demon, all I get is an automated answering service.

Much as I love some of the voices on these automated answering services, I object to have to pay premium rates to listen to them, only to be led round and round in circles.

Mustapha, Antonio, Fred, Hara.

That’s better.

So if I have not answered your email, or you cannot get to my web sites, (this blog site is on a different server), I apologize. 

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