Today has so much going on for me.

Still no hot water, so no shower, (click) but I have had a full wash-down, and it was invigorating to say the least.

But is that so terrible?

I was in contact with NLPGrup in Turkey today, and was told some very upsetting news, that one of our English participants had passed away, along with his wife. It appears he and his wife were murdered by the ex husband. What a waste.

I have listened to the reports of the floods in the UK, how people are without fresh water, electricity, have lost their homes, their personal belongings. The little amount of flooding we had here in Norbiton Hall was nothing. (click to see pictures and videos).

Last year I was giving an NLP training in Antalya in the South of Turkey, and Asu, my translator at the time, pestered me to take her scuba diving, after all I am a Master Diver, (click) with over 600 logged dives around the world. But she had to get qualified as an Open Water Diver before I could buddy up with her. This she did at the hotel where we were holding the training, and on her last qualifying dive I joined her and the diving instructor.

I experienced great difficulty descending, with pains in my ears. After a couple of years with no diving, I expected it, I could not equalise the pressure in my ears. Slowly I got to about 3 meters (9-10 foot), and decided that was deep enough for me with the difficulty of equalisation.

The dive continued. But then the whole world began to spin, something I had never experienced before. I had only one option to abort the dive and surface.

The dive instructor said I had a little blood coming from my nose, and rescued me. Me a Master Diver, a Rescue Diver. I felt stupid.

For days after I could not hear well, my ears were blocked, and upon my return to the UK, I went to see my doctor. I had high blood pressure, plus I report slight discomfort in my neck.

I was sent for tests. After many tests it was found that I needed a Stent placed in my heart, one of my arteries was getting blocked. No wonder I was feeling tired all the time.

A very easy procedure was done. Fully awake and with no pain, I watched as they played inside my heart, placing the Stent, which they blew-up like a balloon to widen the artery, allowing the blood to flow.

A near miss for me.

Shortly after that on resuming my travels and training, I awoke one night to find blood coming out of my ear.

Panic. What was going on. I am in a strange country, Turkey, with no medical knowledge of what was happening.

The tablets I was taking since the procedure are designed to thin the blood, so if I cut myself the wound takes a long time to stop bleeding. If I bang myself, I bruise easily. I lay on my side with the bleeding ear uppermost so that the wound would heal.

This resulted in a blood clot or plug in the ear, and nothing I can do has removed it, syringing did nothing, putting oils in the ear, nothing.

That was last November 2006, it is now July 2007. I have been waiting for a hospital appointment to remove the plug since. Many appointments have been made, but each one has been canceled at the last moment by the hospital. I have arranged my trips abroad, my work around them, only to find that they put back the date.

Today is the day, and I have had no cancellation.

Perhaps I will get it seen to today, it should be quite simple to do.

Perhaps not.

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