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Replacement of railway bridge in Kingston upon Thames

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As I have written in a previous entry, I hardly use my cars at all. We are blessed in London with a great public transport system, that is cheap, frequent and reliable. For under £7, you can purchase a travel card, and travel throughout London all day on trains, the underground (metro) or buses.


All is well if the systems works.

There could be engineering works, strike by the transport workers, the wrong sort of weather, (eg snow), there could be leaves on the rails so that the trains cannot move, a passenger intervention or a passenger taken ill. These excuses wil cause delays or cancellations.

Then the system does not work. But, this is OK if one knows in advance, you can take and make alternative arrangements.

I happened to notice a road sign which said that the main road into Norbiton and Kingston upon Thames, London Road, would be closed between August 7th till August 16th for bridge replacement.

            SouthWest Trains would inform their own staff what will be happening so that travelers can make alternative arrangements, if they are to close the railway line.

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