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Oh a hot shower

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The simple things in life comes to he that waits.

Today we have hot (ish) water for showers and washing.

Since the flood one week ago, and the lack of hot water as the boiler room was flooded, I listen and watched a some residents became frustrated and some angry.

These people seem to get through life by shouting, abusing others, venting their frustration with their anger.

Here in Norbiton Hall, we have a parking problem. Although there are roads in the complex, there is just enough space to have perhaps one parking space per flat.

Around the streets of Kingston upon Thames and Norbiton, they have strict parking enforcement, with parking wardens ready to place a parking fine ticket on any car not displaying a parking permit, paying to park on the street, or that their time has run out. It is both expensive to park here, and even more expensive to get caught not paying to park.

As our estate is private land, we can park for free, but then the office workers in the area try and use our spaces, visitors or shoppers do the same, as do residents from other areas. Using our limited spaces.


Residents now have more than one car per flat, especially those flats where they have multiple occupancies, students (were do they get the money, I thought they were poor) from Kingston University, more and more immigrants, all putting more strain on the limited spaces. 

So the management have placed a parking badge scheme, each flat has the right to a parking badge assigned to a specific car, plus one visitors permit. This can be abused too, by people letting family, friends or others use the permits.

If there is a car parked in the grounds without a permit, we have a security firm who will clamp the car, and it costs the owner a lot of money to get it freed. There are plenty of warnings at the entrances to the estate, but some who choose not to notice or think they can get away with it, pay the penalty.

When these people loose their temper, get angry, shouting and cursing, not only do they upset the staff, other residents listening to them, but also themselves in a big way. 

There are rules why we have to have the system in place, else the residents will have nowhere to park. But, some people only see things from their point of view, there cat on the mat. (click to read).

There was no reason to get upset about the lack of water, it was a simple thing that got resolved, and now we can appreciate the simple things in life.