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The Simple Things in Life

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It is the simple things in life that we become unaware of in our daily life. Perhaps it is the Miller 7+/- 2 (click) where we are only aware of a very small amount of the vast information about the environment around us.

Here in Norbiton Hall we are still without hot water since the floods. (click to read story). The engineers to repair the boiler come at about 8am in the morning and leave at just after 2pm. What a job, and they can charge a very heavy fee for their work. I must be in the wrong job.

Just to turn the hot water tap on and have a shower seems so natural, it is when there is only very cold water that you appreciate what you do not have.

My travels and training courses take me to many parts of the world, and I can be away for weeks at a time. That means I do not use my cars, they just sits in the garage.

Modern cars have lots of electronics that are using electricity power even when you are not using the car, so the battery becomes drained. It was when I went to use the car yesterday, that I found that the car battery was dead, no power, I could not even open the car doors. It is times like this that you appreciate just what it is like to jump into a car and go to where ever you want.

I probably do 1,000 miles a year in my two cars, so I spend more on replacing batteries than I do in petrol or gas.

The telephone system has not been available, so I have not been able to contact people or use the internet for a while. I felt quite lost. Not only that, the supplier of the blog was updating their software, so I could not access my site, I felt very frustrated.

It is when we become too used to our friends and loved ones, they are always there, that we take them for granted. It is only when they are not there, and we need some help or love that we miss them.

I must become even more aware of what I have and appreciate it, even the simple things.