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NLP Now – The META MODEL – Presuppositions

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The Meta Model looks at the language patterns we make, which are made at the surface level (click to read) to recover the deleted information.

A Presupposition makes an assumption that some person, event or something exists, although that person, event or that something has not been mentioned in the conversation or communication.

There is a Presupposition that the listener will understand or insert the missing information.

            “Do you want to go again”

This presupposes that you have done something in the past, presupposes that something can be done again, and presupposes that you have a choice of doing or not doing that something.

            “It is raining.”

Presupposes that there is a place where it is raining.

            “The cat sat on the mat.”

Presupposes that there is a cat, that there is a mat, that there is the act of sitting on a mat, and that there is a place where the cat and the mat is.

The NLP Practitioner will chunk down, too get more information about which has been assumed, by asking such questions as:-

            “What type of cat is it?”
            “What colour is the cat?”
            “What colour is the mat?”
            “Where is the mat?”
            “How specifically did the cat sit on the mat?”

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A new Translator

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As I do not speak any language other than English, I will use translators to teach my courses in most of the countries I work.

Without the professional work of these people I could not work.

It surprises me that how they can work for so many hours without a break, working in two languages, I only can work in one.

My latest is Aylin Mutlu from Ankara. The first time she has worked with me. It takes a time to get used to my language and methods of teaching, but it is a joy to see how quickly see succeeds.

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