PhotoReading Bangalore Day 2

Over fifty participants on the PhotoReading course could be a challenge, but I am really enjoying their company. they are eager to learn, to try new ideas, to experience and embrace the absorption of words at 20,000 – 30,000 WPM.

Now that they have been with me on this course, they can come back on any further PhotoReading course free of charge to practice and update themselves. We are negotiating coming back to India in October, so sign up now.

It is amazing that Tom has traveled all the way from the UK to attend my course, and also people from all over India too.


None seemed phased by the video recording equipment and crew, which films every move I make, and often hovering over their shoulders as they turn the pages over. Leaving the recording in the office in Neoway will help them review the course.

                                                   Mind Maps. Already we have a good number booked to join.

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