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Infinitea Tastes

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Anyone reading my writing will think that all I do is eat. No, I do work too.

Today is day one of the PhotoReading course here in Bangalore, I am about to prepare myself, pressing my suit, cleaning my shoes, ironing my shirt, getting my course aids together. Just as much work goes on prior to the start of the course as does in the presenting of the course itself.

I love my job, but I have to eat, and Ashlesh and Monica have really looked after me.

I was taken to the Samarkand Restaurant, Registan Square in the Gem Plaza, Infantry Road, Bangalore, for food that has its’ roots in Central-Asia, Samarkand, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan. Though a heavy wooden door, opened by a traditionally dressed guard of the region, we entered a dimly lit restaurant, with low tables.

The menu was in the form of a four page newspaper, the front page giving information of the origin and style of restaurant, the inner and back pages listing the menu as news items, with interesting snippets of information of health, food and culture of the region.

A small starter of colourful sticks and a creamy cheese dip arrived, the sticks hard as rock, followed by stuffed mushrooms with a variety of spices, not too hot or spicy.

The main course was ghost Ki Dum Biriyani, cuts of baby lamb, cooked with the finest basmati rice, “Dum” style. This is the rice and lamb, cooked in a container covered with a pastry, which is cut open at the table. The lamb was so tender, and the flavours mingled together. Wonderful.

We have infinitea tastes available to us.