Summer and Winter Handbags

I came across some useful or useless information recently, according to your requirements.

I did not know that there are seasons for handbags, summer handbags and winter handbags.

For me the only people who use handbags are women, and the use for a handbag has been lost with the passage of time, except that they seem to be a depository for everything I personally do not have a use for, or a focal point to dance around.

I have noticed that there are small handbag and large handbags. Handbags so small they would only carry a tissue, and then they would not close. Handbags so large they should be classified as suitcases, when used by people onboard aircraft, they take-up all the space in the overhead locker leaving no room for my small computer case and coat.

Apparently, winter handbags are of thicker materials and are darker in colour, whereas summer ones are light materials, possibly clothe, light colours often with flower patterns. Are the thicker winter handbags that way to keep the contents warm, like we would put extra layers of clothing on?

Handbags are a fashion statement, they go with the clothes the woman wears, like I would wear black shoes with a dark suit, and brown shoes with a brown suit. I wear whatever shoes are by the door, are clean and comfortable.

I was told it is like me wearing winter suits and summers suits, winter shirts and summer shirts. What are they talking about, I only have one suit, and I have had that for years. And, as regards to shirts, if it is washed and ironed I will wear it.

I have two pictures to “clarify” what are winter handbags and what are summer handbags.

Really? I am still confused.

Someone help me out here please.

Summer handbags      Winter Handbags
SUMMER HANDBAGS (?)                                WINTER HANDBAGS (?)

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