There are times when you wish to achieve, do, accomplish or learn, and we have difficulty. You look about you and see others doing that you want to do with ease, happiness, confidence, enthusiasm.

What is wrong?


You have not found the right strategy for you yet. In NLP we use STRATEGY Elicitation to find out how people achieve excellence. We look for the internal processing of those you wish to emulate. You look for the V.A.K.O.G. of how they process the external and internal information, stimulus or experiences, and if it is appropriate, try the strategy yourself.

As you try the new strategy you can apply the following model, the NOP model.

         N   =  Notice it.
         O   =  Own it.
           =  Play with it.


If you do something and it is to your liking and successful, notice what is happening, notice your feelings, your thoughts, what you see, hear, taste and smell, both internally and externally.


If this new thing is good, then make it your own, take ownership of it. It is yours.


Make adjustments to what you notice, and try the new strategy again, if that is better then own it. Then play with that.

Keep looping round the NOP strategy until you have a strategy that is uniquely yours.

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