For four nights I share my bed.

Today is the last day of a seven day NLP Practitioner course here in Istanbul. Tomorrow I will deliver a one day Mind Map course and continue teaching the English with NLP course participants skills that will enhance their learning experience, then catch the last flight back to the UK on Turkish Airlines. I am going to look forward to their food again. I think not.

It has been a tiring time here, giving two courses a day, the NLP Practitioner and taking three sessions of English with NLP, ten hours a day, with all the difficulties training brings with it, and I have not been sleeping well.

For the last few nights I have been sharing my bed. Not bad I may hear people say, at least you are not alone.

Yes I have not been alone. But why do they insist on waking me up at 4am (four in the morning), when I should be at my deepest sleep, when my brain learns, when the plasticity of the brain happens?

Why at 4am to they get hungry, and want me to feed them?

At 4 o’clock, the mosquitoes come out and buzz my ears. My subconscious mind is waiting, listening for them and when it hears them, it shouts to my conscious that is gracefully sleep :- 
                      “Danger, you are being attacked, wake-up, wake-up.”

So far they have not had their breakfast from me.

I am going to look forward to my bed in the UK, where there are no mosquitoes.

But I will have only two nights rest, as I fly off to Bangalore in India (click to visit site) to deliver a PhotoReading course to about fifty participants, and I know there are mosquitoes there.

Oh Poo Poo.

Does anyone know why they attack at 4am? Comments please.

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