NLP Now – Nobody Loves Me, but I have some friends

I have many friends around the world, and I know many that perhaps, let us phrase it, do not appreciated the work I do.

I am never going to win everybody. I am never going to get everybody to like me. I am never going to please everybody in my style of training. I know this, it was a hard lesson to learn, but knowing this you can be prepared.

This is not to say you go out and plan for failure, no use outcome thinking (more on this in later writings), to plan for a positive outcome.

I have given major presentations, talks, courses, after diner speeches to various groups and professions, doctors, teachers, business people, students, politicians, sports people, a complete cross section of our community. The vast majority have a total success, one or two I have died.

Prior to all I do, I plan. Yes, I have a plan. I Mind Map my ideas, the structure, into my Mind Map book, and I center myself, taking with me my friends Antonio, Fred, and Mustapha.

Go for it, with a smile on your face, and happiness in your heart.

More often than not I have a translator (see my Turkish translators), to help me. These people I highly recommend, as they have a difficult task to do for me, and I know that over time I teach how to be your best, to be confident, powerful, to be in a good state. My language patterns are difficult sometimes to translate, and cannot be done so literally, but the message is put across and understood.

If I said “The cat sat on the mat”, the translated structure of the sentence may become, “mat, cat sat on”. 

Maybe, there is not such a word in the language of audience as mat. The translator has to find a word to say in it’s place. How many words are there for mat? According to Roget’s New Millennium(tm) Thesaurus there are 18 different English alternatives, OK, having contextual differences, but so it is in translation.

I as teach, I am calibrating between the translator and participants, getting feedback on the understanding of both parties, making adjustments, retelling the point I am giving until I know full comprehension is gained. It is at these times I see, on rare occasions, participants who have a knowledge of English creating their own internal dialog of translation, to then criticize that of the translator.

Who is correct?

And then you get the people who love to belittle others, to find fault in others, to pass the blame for their own inadequacies onto others.

I see them, lurking ready to strike like a cobra, but I am ready and waiting, like a mongoose. I prepare.

They are like a person going to battle, and their armaments are criticism, complaints.

But we have our arms, our shields, our defenses. Strength, confidence, power, positivity, Antonio, Fred, and Mustapha.

If we let our defenses down, then we let the enemy get at us, to dig into and erode the confidence, we must realise what the enemy is doing, and fightback, repel the pirate boarding party of Captain Hook.

Keep your shield of the smile on your face, and happiness in your heart, you will defeat the enemy within and without you knowing, everybody will love you.

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