NLP Now – My Mission.

Every man and his dog has written a book.

Me too on memory, translated into Turkish by my good friend and translator Asuman Yildirim. Details of how you can obtain a copy will follow.

Perhaps this entry may become yet another offering on the book shelves, as many participants have asked me, where is your book?

Another question I am often asked is, what is NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)? Perhaps during my writing this series of entries I can enlighten you, so that you can come to your understanding.

Day by day I hope to add an entry which may help you understand more about yourself, your friends, the world and NLP. Of how we interact with the world about us, our own world within, how we process information. Once understood, you will have have the power, the understanding to make changes in yourself and others.

My mission is to impart as much information to the world as I can, so like the co-founder of NLP, Richard Bandler, said once, to help make this world of ours a better place.

There is no substitute to actually attending a course on the chosen subject.

I, as a Certified Trainer of PhotoReading, have many people who attend the two and a half day course after having had purchased the book, never having implemented any of the vast amount of knowledge contained within it.

Learning is a whole body experience. You will learn by using your brain, your eyes, hearing, tastes smells, feelings and body. Your limbs, muscles, nerve endings your feelings. You learn by using all your senses, in NLP terms, all your modalities.

Attend one of my courses, and learn. Visit my web site for more information and links to a vast amount of other information.

See a recommendation of my work. (click here).

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