NLP Now – My Journey 3, Stage Hypnosis

My life in computers continued, moving from one manufacturer to another, NCR, Sperry Univac, to end users, as new ideas were being created, I was often “head hunted” to move and work on them. My mother certainly did not like the number of employments, jobs I had had, she had been brought-up in the days when you had a job for life.

It is now said with todays technology, the way we are creating new systems, strategies, ideas, that if we do not retrain, re-educate, update our knowledge every six months, we will become unemployable. The package of courses I offer redress this issue with Accelerated Learning Skills. See

I moved o the wonderful town of Peterborough, to work for a toy manufacturer Peter Pan Playthings, creating a new computer system to integrate all aspects of the company’s business. It was a good time and a bad time. I lost my daughter Vanessa through divorce, but doors opened for me with many ideas, possibilities, chances, adventures.

After a grueling day in the office I would immerse myself as a Member of Rotary International, or go to The Key Theatre in Peterborough. The Key Theatre is a delightful small theatre offering a variety of stage acts, sitting by the side of the quiet river Nene in a lovely green park, one can switch off, relax.

One day, a Paul Goldin, was doing a one man show, and his poster showed him in a pose of Du Maurier’s character, Svengali a fictional stage hypnotist. I went to see him each night of his five day run.

At the outset I was disgusted, seeing people doing things on stage “against their will”. But, as the nights progress, my inquiring mind wanted to find out more, how did this work, why?

On the last night, I went up on stage to experience the procedure myself.

It was here that I learned that you cannot make anyone do something against their beliefs, culture, religion unless they are willing to.

I need to find out more, but it would be another ten years belore I had the chance.

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