A Trip to Iceland – The Blue Lagoon

The last day in Iceland.

The tour company have a transfer bus service from the hotel to the airport.

But they offer an add on tour to the transfer service, a visit to the Blue Lagoon. 

As we approach the resort of the Blue Lagoon, steam from the geothermal spa and factories that capture the hot water that is piped to the surrounding area and Reykjavík for heating, showers, etc, rose to the sky in brilliant white.

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

The road leading up to the spa, meanders across the lava plain, and we pass a milky blue lake. The bus disgorges its’ passengers, giving us about two hours to experience the spa, and we follow the pathway cut out of the lava to the main building.

Here we are given an electronic tag and a towel. It is a good job we had taken a swimming costumes.

On changing, I followed the signs to the blue lagoon, entering a warm room, with steps leading into a large pool. At the far side of the pool there is a door. Walking across in warm waist deep water, I open the door, and there in front of me is the outdoor milky blue-green water, steam gliding into the air from the surface.

People were up to their shoulders in this warm water. Even standing with my bare chest to the elements, I was not cold, unlike the lifeguard, standing on the edge of the lagoon in a full arctic survival suit.


I joined Mee Len, and we waded across the lagoon, the water reaching our upper chest, people were not swimming, just standing there, enjoying the warmth.

On the far side people placed white mud like mixture on their faces, to give some unknown treatment. It reminded me of the mud bath I had taken in Antalya with my host, the owner and a participant from the NLP course, Asu my translator and an assistant, sitting there like a little Buddha.

On washing off the mixture, the taste of the water was very salty, but there was no smell of volcanic sulfer I had expected. 

Perhaps this treatment will make me look younger than my 94 age.

Soon the experience was over, and a short two and a half hours flight on Iceland Express,  we were back  the UK.

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