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Relax with views from the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames

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Summer is really here, but it is only April in the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames.

I have put together some scenes of my home town in the UK to some music.

The camera is only a very old Olympus digital C-170, 4.0 megapixel with video facility.


Good music by James Last, Somewhere My Love.
Music I am allowed to use music on YouTube

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PhotoReading in Milan, Italy 1

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I love my work, teaching, NLP, memory, Mind Maps, hypnosis and PhotoReading, in the different countries of the world. As my reputation as a trainer spreads, so the number of countries I am asked to go to increases.

For many years now I have been teaching PhotoReading in Italy with NLPItaly. The PhotoReading book has been translated into Italian and is a best seller there. (Italian version available from NLPItaly (click)) 

What I have found, especially with PhotoReading, is that people buy a book on a subject that they wish to learn, take it home, but never read or implement the knowledge contained in the book.

How often have you purchased a book and never got past chapter one?

Learning is a whole body experience.

Our brain has many parts which has different functions, dealing with vision, hearing, speaking, feelings internally and externally, taste and smell. We have an area of our brain which deals with our thinking process. Each of these areas are discrete, and each has to learn.

Just because we talk to ourselves about how we can for example to thread a needle, it is not until we actually physically thread the cotton through the eye of needle that the muscles and body leans how to do it.

So it is with trying to learn from a book, you physically have to do what you are trying to learn, not just process the information in your head.

We get many people attending courses who have failed to learn and implement from the book or manual.

On the latest course we had twenty (20) participants attending at the Hilton hotel near Stazione Centrale di Milano or the Central Station.

Each brought with them five (5) books, each of 300 pages, which we were to “read” along with articles and the Paul Scheele PhotoReading book, in the two and a half (2.5) days we would be together. Yes we would be absorbing words at 20,000 – 30,000 words per minute.
PhotoReading Participants in Italysome of the participants

You have to physically do a course, to attend a course to fully understand and learn a subject.

Turkey, a proud people.

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As I have previously stated, the Turkish people are very proud of their founder Mustafa Kemal Ataturk (click), their country and their freedom.

At the moment there are protests over the perceived potential loss of the secular society, where although a predominately Muslim country, all religions are respected and allowed, and religion is kept out of politics. State and religion are kept separate.

Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul, the architect of Turkey’s EU membership, said he would stand as the ruling AK Party’s candidate for head of state. Many Turkish people are worried by his Islamist past and the fact his wife wears the Muslim headscarf, banned by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk in universities and public offices. They fear she will wear it as a first lady. They are worried that perhaps thier country may become like other Middle Eastern countries.

It is said that perhaps 1.2 million people took to the streets of Istanbul in protest, flying their country’s flag in a mass of red.

Perhaps 1.2 million Turkish people took to the streets of Istanbul in protest, flying their country's flag in a mass of red.

My Other Friends, Fred, Antonio, or Mustapha or State Control

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Thank you all for your advice for Colin. (click).

I did work with Colin with one of the most powerful exercises in NLP. It is the first technique I use with all my 1-2-1 clients, those with phobias, fears, needing strength, confidence, self power. It is an anchor, a state, you can install in yourself, to call upon whenever you need.

We have all had times when we had confidence, times when we had that internal power or strength, where nothing would trouble us, when our shoulders would be held back, we felt tall.

Now, perhaps as you read this, you too can find a time when you had the power to do anything you wanted.

As I worked with Colin, thoughts of times when I was powerful, standing in front of over five hundred Chinese Human Resource (HR) leaders in Hangzhou just south of Shanghai, presenting NLP, or talking to nearly 1,000 students in a university in Istanbul who were preparing for their examinations. The same power now came back to my body and mind.

I asked Colin to take his right index finger, and place it in his “belly button“, through his clothes.

The “belly button”, also called the navel , or umbilicus scar.

Then I asked him to point with three fingers on the other hand, joining the three fingers together, then place those three fingers immediately below the finger which is placed in the “belly button”, pull the “belly button” finger out, and place that below the three fingers.

“Can you feel where the finger is pointing to?” to which Colin replied “Yes”.

This point is referred to as Hara, Tandien, the Key or Chee. It is one of the seven Chakra’s (Swadhisthana). It is a point that the martial artists, the Kung Fu fighters, place their attention to, (think about), to gain strength.

Hara, Tandien, the Key, Chee or Swadhisthana, are difficult names to remember, so in the UK I call this point Fred, in Italy it is called Antonio, in the Middle East and Turkey I call it Mustapha. You can call this point whatever you want.

I then asked Colin to stand with his feet slightly apart, and I touched his forehead, asking him to place his attention at this point, as I gently moved him around side to side. I asked him to notice how he felt, notice his thoughts, feelings, as he felt very unstable.

After I had anchored, or showed him how it felt to be weak, I asked him to move his attention down to Fred, Antonio, Mustapha, and with the attention here, just below the “belly button”, I again moved him from side to side, and asked him to notice the difference to be now strong like a rock, like a statue, an oak tree. It is difficult to move people around with their attention here.

I did this procedure three times, the magic three, so that the brain will learn that whenever you place your attention at Fred, Antonio, or Mustapha, you will get the power the confidence you want, helping you do what you desire.

As with all the work I do, teaching, coaching, working 1-2-1 with clients, I always test the work.

I touched the forehead of Colin and moved him side to side, so that he became weak, and asked him to think about something that may have upset him in the past, perhaps a person, a place or a thing. I asked him to notice what it was like, thoughts, feelings.

Once this was calibrated, I asked him to move his attention down to Fred, Antonio, or Mustapha, and to notice now the difference taking a deep breath in. Notice the thoughts the feelings.

“What are the differences?”

“They are insignificant, small, they don’t matter, I feel powerful.” These are some of the comments given to me.

Think about it.

When people say or believe they have too much to do, they are given too much information. Notice what they say, their actions. They will say such things as, “it is going over my head”,  “my head is going to burst”, they will often hold their head in their hands.

When people cannot cope, when they are out of their depth, getting too much information, their attention is in their head.

When you are strong, your attention is at Fred, Antonio, or Mustapha.

Practice Fred, Antonio, or Mustapha every day in the shower, make it strong, allow your brain to learn this implicitly, so that whenever you need strength or confidence, come back to this place, place your attention here.