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NLP Now – My Journey 4, Richard Bandler

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After my awakening to stage hypnosis with Paul Goldin in Peterborough, I continued in my career in computing, spending nearly six years with Texas Instruments as software manager in the Middle East, based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It was at the time of the real start of PC’s (Personal Computers), the early 1980’s. The first PC to land on my desk on a hot sunny day in Jeddah, early 1983, I said this thing will never catch on.

Having had learned that nothing is for life, all about us changes, and we too have to change, I returned to the UK, to continue my career. But nobody wanted me.

Nobody loved me.

From being an expert who could do anything with a computer, being headhunted, to a situation where I was unemployed was a very hard time. I was too old. Computing is a young man’s business.

I found work, but it was not enjoyable. I joined the ever increasing band of consultants, self employed, ex computer boffins. I became an expert in the replacement window, doors, and flat glass industry for computer software, machine integration and optimisation. I had many small companies as clients that I ran their computer installations, buying computers, installing them, training staff, repairing.

I was not happy. Nobody loved me.

I came to believe in Synchronicity, a  word that Jung used to describe the “temporally coincident occurrences of acausal events.” Events that links mind and matter. If something will happen it will happen. More will be discussed later.

I hardly ever buy the British newspaper the Daily Mail to read, but on this one rare occasion, I did and the pages opened-up to an advertisement, Learn Hypnosis in Depth.

Why did the newspaper open at that page? Why were my eyes drawn to the advertisement? Synchronicity?

Not only that, but one of the named trainers was a TV personality from stage hypnosis, Paul McKenna

I had to do this course.

During this course I had many doubts as to my ability to enter into trance, I was good at hypnotising, but I decided to sit back for the ride and learn.

I listened. I watched. I practiced. I experienced.

I noticed that the trainers were using a different language pattern in English that I had up until then never used, a different tonality, and it seemed to work. I asked what this was, what were they doing, and was told that it was NLP. I had never heard of NLP, but my background in investigating systems made me curious, I needed to find more out.

Paul was in the following weeks giving an NLP Practitioner course, co-training with Michael Breen and the co-founder of NLP, Dr Richard Bandler.

The seeds had been set, and were beginning to sprout, to blossom into a mighty oak.

I stated my journey, a new road of discovery, which has had many twists ad turns, lumps and humps, but I have kept my foot down, and enjoyed every moment, meeting may people especially the originators, great thinkers of our time.

Join me on my journey, I have plenty of room.

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