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A warm day in the UK, Influencing? Global Warming?

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Today back in the UK is like a summers day. Not quite a blue sky, a haze hides that, but not a cloud to be seen.

As I sit here, reflecting on my trips, I am thinking about the impact, the influence I have on the world.

Are my actions changing, influencing other people, the environment, the future?

My training courses certainly are. Many participants come into the courses with personal issues, they want me to wave a magic wand to change them.

I can change people very quickly, I will remove a phobia with NLP, in one session, just by conversation, the quickest probably a couple of minutes, stop people smoking, give confidence.

I will teach people how to use their Memory better, use tools like Mind Maps, new strategies of using their brain, so they have better choice from their expediences or internal knowledge base when faced with life.

I will teach them how to acquire information faster with Speed Reading and PhotoReading, so that they can have the knowledge and wisdom to advance in life.

I will teach them state control with Hypnosis so they can learn how to relax and help each other.

I will show them how they can apply what I teach into areas of their life, maybe for a profession like Stage Hypnosis, become a Certified Hypnotherapist with the NGH. To use the newly acquired knowledge in education, business, their personal life.

My courses are not for me to make the changes to the participants, but to teach them how they can make the changes.

Yes I influence lives.

How about my travels?

I fly to different parts of the world, so my carbon footprint is larger than the average person.

In the UK we are recently being bombarded by the press, environmentalists, goody goodies, saying that we should fly less, so that we do not pollute the atmosphere. But if I did not fly, I would not earn money for myself and the country, and the seat would be empty, the plane would still fly without me, so that is a waste of resources.

I look at all the new and old cars that are increasing in numbers in all countries, belching exhaust fumes into the atmosphere. I stand in Taxim Square, walk through Sisli or Kadikoy in Turkey or any town in the world and have buses spew diesel fumes into my face, so bad, I have to hold my breath.

I looked at the new summer houses placed like little dolls houses on the lava flows of Iceland, knowing that they would be heated, where does that heat go? Is that not contributing to the Global Warming?

As I fly over many countries looking down, I see factories polluting the air and countryside especially in India and China. I see rivers flowing into the sea, and know that the drains, the sewers have emptied their waste into the rivers upstream, and I can see the pollution spread out to sea like tentacles.

On visits to Malaysia as we depended into KLIA airport, we flew through a layer of smoke created by the forest fires in Indonesia, the smell penetrating into the aircraft. Once on land, the smog, much like we used to get in the UK in the pre 1960’s.

I think a professor from a Scandinavian country said that, if each person in the UK was to switch off the unwanted appliances and lights, a total saving of seven hours of pollution per year would be saved.

Yes we must do what we can to save this planet of ours, but the whole world must do it together. Governments must change. Industry must change.

We all influence others by our actions. Like a butterfly may flutter it’s wings in the Amazon Jungle, it will cause a flow of air which will spread, maybe to create and influence the weather system on the other side of the world.

We all live in our own world. It is our map of the territory, our understanding.

As we look at our world, the area around us now, that is what we see, hear or feel. (VAKOG).

When people feel down, depressed, stressed, they are in their own world.

By changing the way you see the world around you, see more, knowing that by changing your actions, the way you stand or sit, what you say, the way you think, you will influence yourself, others around you and the world too.

Be positive in your thoughts and actions.

Look for the good in others. It is a presupposition in NLP that all persons actions are for a positive intention.

Life is never static, we are changing, developing, it is influencing us as we are influencing it.

Lets us influence it in a positive way.