Kingston upon Thames, yes we drive on the correct side of the road.

I find walking a very relaxing pastime, I can think, watch the world, plan.

The Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames where I live, or really I live in a area called Norbiton, dates back over a thousand years.

The original coronation stone where they crowned seven Saxon Kings of England is here, thus Kings Stone. From 8th June 900 until 979, Edward the Elder, Athelsen, Edmund, Edred, Edwy, Edward the Martyr, and Ethelred II the Unready, are said to have used this stone to be crowned. Near the stone is the bridge Clattern Bridge, its’ name probably derived from the word clatter when the horses and carts crossed it centuries ago.

The Kings Stone use to Crown early Kings of England with Clattern Bridge, Kingston upon ThamesThe Coronation Stone, the Kings Stone
Boats on the River Thames, Kingston upon ThamesBoats on the River Thames in Kingston upon Thames

There River Thames flows through the town, not as wide or as busy as the Bosphorus in Istanbul, and the bridge is not as large, but there are boats to see and lots of swans and other water fowl.

Eating places leading to the River Thames, KingstonEating out in Kingston upon Thames
The Old Market Square, Kingston upon ThamesThe Market Square Kingston upon Thames

People enjoy the street cafés and restaurants, relaxing and chatting, pity I must watch what I eat now.

Market Square, Kingston upon ThamesThe Old Market Hall Kingston upon Thames
Market Stall Shopping, Kingston upon ThamesThe fruit and veg market, Kingston upon Thames

The old town square and has a statue of Queen Victoria in gold “leaf” high on the Old Market Hall building, and another statue marking the work of the Mayor of Kingston Henry Shrubsole who died in 1880. Market traders sell their fresh fruit and vegetables, but they seem to have a wider range of stock than that I saw last week in Kadikoy. People enjoy a snack and coffee whilst a new water fountain plays in the background.

Traffic free shopping, Kingston upon ThamesTraffic free shopping in Kingston upon Thames
Out of Order by David Mach, Kingston upon ThamesOut of Order by David Mach
Old London Road, Kingston upon Thames

I suppose we also have our own Taxim Hill, the pedestrian only shopping area, but one thing old we have that you will not have are the phone boxes named Out of Order by David Mach. I think a good way to use unwanted old telephone boxes in Old London Road.

London Road Norbiton Hallhere).

Read what I found out about the history of Norbiton Hall. (click here).                                                    index

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