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Afternoon Tea at the Ritz

I will take you to the Ritz Hotel and give you tea and cakes in the afternoon, a very British thing. See photographs, Click MORE >>

I love working with the participants learning English language in Turkey. I admire the effort and time each puts into the process.

The best way to learn a language is to be fully absorbed in that language you wish to learn, now, our participants spend nine days, from 9am to 9pm with us. Not quite fully absorbed but early.

I try and get the participants to speak at all times in English, lunch, tea/coffee breaks, all the time, even threatening them with a fine of 1 Turkish Lira each time I catch them speaking their own language.

I know I will get a chocolate cake with the proceeds at the end of the course as I sneak-up on them.

As I am watching what I eat, perhaps chocolate cake is something I should not eat, so why not wet their appetite.

How about if I offer afternoon tea at the Ritz Hotel in London.

The Ritz Hotel London

So, if any English language participant visits London, I will take you to the Ritz Hotel and give you tea and cakes in the afternoon, a very British thing.

We can have scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream, not good for the diet, but tastes great. We can have cheese and cucumber sandwiches, with the crusts, the est bit of a sandwich cut off. And of course, he cu of tea with milk in a china cup.

I have already taught some of the participants in preparation to the visit to the Ritz, how to hold the little finger, or as we call it in Britain the pinky. As one holds the cup by the handle, the pinky should be held straight so it sticks out.

But, the other requirement is that as I speak no other language other than English, they will have to speak English to me and the waiters.

After afternoon tea, we will have to walk off the calories, so an easy walk from the Ritz Hotel, via Saint James the home of Prince Charles will lead us to Buckingham Palace, where we can see the Changing of the Guards, through Hyde Park to Horse Guards Parade with the soldiers in their various styles of uniforms, past number 10 Downing Street, he home of the British Prime Minister, and on to The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben with its’ special chimes known the world over.

Buckingham Place

The Mall gardens

Horse Guards
Houses of parliament and Big Ben

It could be a costly offer for me. But they are great people.